IRIS Capture Pro for Invoices

IRISCapture Pro for Invoices from CaseyManually processing invoices can take up to two weeks and cost $17 per invoice. With IRIS Capture Pro, we can cut this to two days for half the cost by automatically extracting data from both paper & electronic invoices in any format. We can do the same or more for healthcare claims, medical records, HR, payroll, orders, and any other records.

Casey Invoice Processing Solutions

You want:

  • To reduce your invoice inputting time
  • To reduce your invoice processing costs
  • To reduce your paper archive volume
  • To reduce the errors resulting from manual inputting
  • To have permanent access to all your invoices

IRIS Capture Pro for invoices is the best solution to:

  • Automatically¬†identify,¬†recognize and¬†index your paper and electronic invoices
  • Easily access all your invoices from any external application
  • Automatically send the recognized data in your ERP or accounting software

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