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Artsyl docAlpha from Casey AssociatesdocAlpha automatically collects, identifies and captures large volumes of structured and semi-structured documents. It provides advanced classification and capture capabilities to extract and verify data and seamlessly integrates with a wide range of document management, content management and database applications.

This robust solution is an excellent fit in the most demanding high-volume, high-complexity applications and has been designed as the upgrade path for Artsyl’s entry level to mid-range product, SimpleCapture.

docAlpha is typically used to automate business processes which involve forms or semi-structured documents, as a front-end for archival, document management and ERP systems, to comply with government regulations, increase accuracy and processing speed, and improve customer relations.

docAlpha imports documents from any local or remote source, including scanners, networked MFPs, fax servers or directories. Its front-end integration enables knowledge workers to capture documents from the control panel of popular MFPs and launch a workflow that taps the advanced capture, verification and back-end integration features of docAlpha.

The product provides flexibility for local and global networking with automated batch processing and workload distribution, high scalability and advanced security features typically required for a medium-to-high volume capture operation.

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docAlpha Benefits

  • Fully automated operation: from document identification to release into database or document management system
  • Process any document type: allows processing fixed forms, semi-structured and unstructured documents within the same system
  • Remote/distributed capture: users may work on a local network or across the globe using an internet connection
  • Secured connectivity: utilizes the latest WCF-based stream encryption techniques to maintain security and data integrity
  • Flexibility: concurrent licensing allows installing on as many stations as needed; the server only monitors how many licenses are used at the same time
  • Scalability: simply add more workstations to increase volume, and the system will do workload balancing and job tracking automatically
  • Recognition independent: works with most of the popular OCR and ICR engines
  • Centralized administration: setup, security, workflow and performance monitoring is centralized and can be done locally or remotely
  • Upgrade path from SimpleCapture: leverages existing SimpleCapture workstations for any client functions, reduces upgrade & expansion cost

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